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          NVIDIA Quadro View
          Desktop Management Software

          Whether you’re tracking financial markets or creating digital content, demanding workflows require the use of multiple applications and windows across several monitors. And while managing your desktop is key to maximizing your productivity, not every workspace fits the way you need to work. NVIDIA? Quadro View? desktop management software allows you to manage single or multi-monitor workspaces with ease, giving you maximum flexibility and control over your display real estate and desktops.


          Adjusting and organizing windows in my screen is a boring and often time-consuming daily task that takes time away from my work, especially when something changes in my workflow. Quadro View’s simple drag and drop process saves precious minutes in my morning so I can get up and running in no time.

          — Luis Paulo F. Mesquita, Global Macro Financial Portfolio Manager

          Make the Most of Your Workspace

          NVIDIA Quadro View, included with your Quadro driver or downloadable as a standalone app, helps you maximize productivity by optimizing your workspace layout. Quadro View also helps you work faster through the following streamlined features and functions:

          • Tailored workspaces with easy navigation through individual windows and dialog boxes.
          • Compatibility with top applications across industries that can be loaded, launched, and organized with one click.
          • Powerful window management and deployment tools for a customized desktop experience.
          NVIDIA Quadro View Desktop Management Software

          Advanced Desktop Management Features

          NVIDIA Quadro View Advanced Desktop Management Features

          Flexible Window Snapping

          Easily snap your application windows to custom or pre-defined desktop regions.

          NVIDIA Quadro View Desktop Management Software User Profiles

          User Profiles

          Deploy preset desktop and application configurations based on workflow needs.

          NVIDIA Quadro View: Window Management

          Window Management

          Specify how windows operate on desktops and displays.

          NVIDIA Quadro View: Hotkey Support

          Hotkey Support

          Set up hotkeys to conveniently trigger actions and quickly access common functions.

          Designed to Fit the Way You Work

          NVIDIA Quadro View allows professionals across industries to quickly maneuver through multi-application workspaces.

          Maximize screen Real Estate to Focus on CAD project


          Mechanical Engineer

          Maximize screen real estate to focus on CAD projects while easily keeping tabs on Slack, email, PRD changes, product revisions, and PLM release status.

          Modeler/Animator Can Create Different Software Layouts

          Media and Entertainment

          Modeler / Animator

          Create different software layouts for the various stages of production like texture editing, mocap cleanup, animation, lighting, and rendering.

          Dual Monitor Displays to Work Efficiently

          Architecture, Engineering, Construction

          Marketing Manager

          Efficiently create compelling marketing and sales collateral by partitioning dual monitor displays to simultaneously see your favorite content creation tools and full-scale architectural renders.

          Simultaneously Keeping Track of Financial Models



          Never take your eyes off the market by simultaneously keeping track of technical charts, adjusting financial models, watching live news, communicating with brokers, and executing trades—all in one view.

          Easily Organize Multiple Status Screens on a Video Call

          Information Security

          Video Wall Operator

          Easily organize multiple status screens on a video wall to focus and manage hotspots in your security command center as situations unfold.

          Collaborate, Work, and Play with Quadro Experience

          Productivity doesn't end with organizing your workspace. With NVIDIA Quadro Experience, you get a full suite of productivity tools in a single application to simplify time-consuming tasks. Features like automatic alerts for the latest Quadro drivers, native recording tools, sharing functionality, and access to games make it easier to collaborate, work, and play with your Quadro graphics card.



          Use Quadro View Now

          Quadro View is included in your Quadro driver or via a standalone app. Get it today.

          DOWNLOAD NOW
          DOWNLOAD NOW
          Please go to a desktop browser to download Quadro Experience Client.