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          Driving Innovation

          End-to-End Solutions for Software-Defined Autonomous Vehicles


          Software-Defined Autonomy

          Autonomous vehicles are transforming the way we live, work, and play—creating safer and more efficient roads. These revolutionary benefits require massive computational horsepower and large-scale production software expertise. Tapping into decades-long experience in high-performance computing, imaging, and AI, NVIDIA has built a software-defined, end-to-end platform for the transportation industry that enables continuous improvement and continuous deployment through over the air updates. It delivers everything needed to develop autonomous vehicles at scale. 

          Continuous AV Innovation—from the
          Cloud to the Car, and Back



          DRIVE Infrastructure is a complete workflow platform for data ingestion, curation, labeling, and training plus validation through simulation. NVIDIA? DGX? systems provide the compute needed for large-scale training and optimization of deep neural network models. NVIDIA DRIVE Constellation? provides physics-based simulation on an open, hardware-in-the-loop platform for testing and validating AVs before they hit the road.



          With industry-leading performance, the scalable, software-defined DRIVE AGX platform empowers autonomous vehicles to process large volumes of sensor data and make real-time driving decisions. The open DRIVE Software stack lets developers build perception, mapping, planning, and driver monitoring capabilities with redundant and diverse DNNs. The platform is always improving through continuous iteration and deployment over-the-air.

          Partnering for Success

          NVIDIA solutions empower leading automakers, truck makers, suppliers, startups, and others on the path to autonomous driving.

          Introducing NVIDIA DRIVE AGX Orin?

          This embedded supercomputing platform for autonomous machines delivers 200 TOPS with a single NVIDIA Orin SoC—nearly 7X the performance of NVIDIA Xavier?. It’s powered by the new Orin system-on-a-chip and designed to handle the large number of applications and DNNs that run simultaneously in autonomous vehicles and robots. The scalable Orin product family enables developers to build, scale, and leverage one development investment across an entire fleet, from entry Level 2+ systems all the way to Level 5 fully autonomous vehicles.

          DRIVE LABS

          Peek under the hood of NVIDIA DRIVE Software with our latest DRIVE Labs series.



          SOCIAL FEED

          NVIDIA automotive solutions are available to automakers, tier 1 suppliers, startups, and research institutions working on the future of transportation.