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          Solutions for AI
          at the Edge

          Creating a Faster, Smarter World


          Artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud-native applications, IoT and its billions of sensors, and 5G networking now make large-scale AI at the edge possible. But, a scalable, accelerated platform is necessary to drive decisions in real time and allow every industry—including retail, manufacturing, healthcare, and smart cities—to deliver automated intelligence to the point of action. This is what brings people, businesses, and accelerated services together, making the world a smaller, more connected place.

          Real- time AI at the Edge

          Command Your Edge Fleet

          With NVIDIA Fleet Command, managing and scaling your edge deployments are easy. Whether you have dozens of edge devices or millions, you can deliver AI securely and remotely to your entire network—in minutes.

          Edge AI Solutions for Industries

          The Ultimate Shopping Experience

          With AI-powered insights, major retailers everywhere can keep customers smiling. Large retailers have developed several AI strategies to improve the customer experience and assist their workforce in daily operations. For example, smarter checkout systems are using computer vision to confirm that items being scanned are the same ones being identified by the bar codes. Intelligent video analytics (IVA) are helping retailers understand shopper preferences and optimize store layouts for a better in-store experience. And with AI, retailers are helping employees identify when items need to be restocked or replaced with fresher goods.

          The Ultimate Shopping Experience
          The New Vision for Factory Floors

          The New Vision for Factory Floors

          Enterprises are adopting accelerated edge computing and AI to transform manufacturing into a safer, more efficient industry. For example, BMW has taken the power of AI to the edge by putting inspection cameras on the factory floor, providing them with a 360-degree view of their assembly line. This creates real-time insights and a safer, more streamlined manufacturing process. Procter & Gamble is leveraging faster edge computing to assist employees during inspections. By analyzing thousands of hours of footage from inspection lines, the company can immediately flag imperfections, improving quality control and helping them to meet the highest safety standards.

          Safer Roads for Everyone

          Businesses aren’t the only ones turning to accelerated AI at the edge. Cities like Dubuque, Iowa, are creating safer road conditions and delivering faster emergency services. In Dubuque, dozens of connected cameras provide real-time visibility of traffic with the ability to detect dangerous drivers, obstacles blocking roadways, and people who may need emergency assistance. Companies like Numina are also bringing AI to the edge to optimize traffic flows and make the streets safer for drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians.

          Safer Roads for Everyone
          AI-Powered Smart Hospitals

          Powering Smart Hospitals

          Enabling AI at the edge lays the foundation for making smart hospitals a reality. With smart sensors, physicians can get the help they need to advance patient care, increase data security, and improve operational efficiency. Companies like Whiteboard Coordinator are using HIPAA-compliant platforms to provide high precision thermal screening, enhance ICU capacity, coordinate procedural locations and clinic sits, manage inventory, and monitor patients remotely.

          New Opportunities for Telcos

          With their global networks close to the edge, telcos are uniquely positioned to play a critical role in the delivery of new services and experiences. From software-defined networks that automate self-checkout for convenience stores, to private 5G wireless in factories equipped with sensors and cameras for QA/QC inspection, and AI-enabled immersive business and consumer experiences, this digital transformation unlocks new opportunities and high-value revenue streams for network providers.

          AI at the Edge for Telcos

          Get Started with Edge AI

          The Most Powerful Edge AI Platform

          The NVIDIA EGX platform provides a range of validated servers and devices, an end-to-end software stack, and a vast ecosystem of partners offering EGX in their products and services to deliver the power of accelerated AI computing to the edge.

          Edge AI Applications for Industries

          The NGC registry provides Helm charts and containers that allow IT teams to quickly deploy GPU-powered systems remotely and easily run GPU-optimized edge AI applications so organizations can make smarter and faster decisions.

          Stay up to date on how accelerated AI is transforming the edge.